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How To Stop Overthinking Right Now

So many people struggle to find what I call “mental balance”. It’s the balance between enough thoughtfulness to feel prepared but not too much that you feel paralyzed.

We struggle with this mostly when we need to make decisions. Important ones. When our dignity and self-preservation are on the line. But honestly, how often is that? 

Unless you’re a spider tamer, (PS: spiders are gross, get a new job) you’re probably not putting yourself in harm’s way on a daily basis. So why do we overthink things to the point of despair? 

  • We’re taught to do it.
  • It’s a habit.
  • We’re expected to do it or else we “don’t care”.

But, not to fret.

Here’s how to stop overthinking right now. 

1. Notice your thoughts.

Maybe you’re up for a promotion so you obsess over doing everything PERFECT.

Maybe you really want a callback, but you keep replaying all the awkward first-date moments.

Maybe you lie awake at...

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