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Break Up With Anxiety Before it Ruins Your Business!

Since I was 5, I suffered from anxiety, panic, and bouts of agoraphobia. Anxiety was the driving force for everything I did. But I had dreams of working for myself and starting a business that created the social change I wanted to see in the world. 

When I opened my first business in Manhattan at 27 years old, I thought I had prepared for everything.

But I NEVER anticipated the flood of fear, doubt, and shame my unmanaged anxiety created. It bled into all of my business decisions and management style.

That business failed. HARD.

Six years later, I've taken all my insight and coach other entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers on how to manage anxiety while starting and growing a business. And, in this PDF I've outlined the 3 step method my clients are using to manage anxiety, stress and overwhelm before it ruins their business.

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Hi, I'm Meg.

I’m a Certified Mindset Coach.

Since I was a child, I experienced debilitating anxiety, panic, and bouts of agoraphobia. I tried everything to control it, from medication to therapy, even holistic practices and essential oils.

When I thought I had finally learned to control anxiety, it reared its ugly head at the most vulnerable time in my life; becoming an entrepreneur.

After my business failed, I denied all responsibility for my hand in it's failure. I spiraled out into shame, guilt, fear, and panic.

...That was until I found modern mental health through the power of mindset coaching.  

Now, I’ve taken the ALL the work I’ve used to finally manage anxiety & panic while running a successful business and created this free training for you.


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