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Ever wonder what it would be like to love yourself unconditionally?  

Or what could be possible for you if you stopped overthinking everything and found the courage & clarity to take action towards your dream career, life, or relationship? 

You know you have awesome ideas! But feel anxious taking the leap to implement them.

You desire a greater life. A happier, more succinct purpose tied to who you truly are. But have zero idea where to start. 

Or maybe you desperately want to find a partner who shares your same values but keep falling for the wrong people over & over? 

That’s where I come in...   

I’m a Life Coach.

I help folx stop feeling anxious so they can get back to what matters.

With the use of proven behavioral modification & cognitive coaching tools, I'll teach you to manage unhealthy urges, end bad habits, reduce anxiety and stress, and empower you to choose the life, relationships, and goals that fit your true identity.

My ultimate focus is to help you become mind & body positive so you can learn to take action without confusion or regret


Because I believe when you embrace your true identity & live confidently without apology, you can create anything you desire.  

How do I know?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t grow up feeling loved. In fact, I felt like a burden just for existing. I was told I would never be “good enough” by my authority figures. I collected "proof" of that thought every time I was ignored or bullied.

That thought followed me into adulthood. It was the undercurrent of all my decisions. I believed I was at the direct effect of whatever and whomever fell into my life

Still, I knew something could be done. I spent over 20 years in talk therapy trying to figure out how to love myself. I read (and re-read) self-help books. I joined countless support groups. All in search to feel whole and happy.

It wasn't until I hired my first Life Coach, did I learn the skills I needed to build self-love. 

What changed it all for me was when I realized my thoughts were the reason I didn’t feel like I deserved comfort, happiness, or love.

When I learned how to rewire my brain by managing my mind, started questioning the status quo, and took a leap to be 100% me, I changed my entire life. 

Now, I teach my clients how they can change their lives just by embracing themselves. 

I can teach you too. 

"You are your own worst enemy. It may be banal and it may be trite, but I've come to see that it can absolutely be true. The thing is: It doesn't have to be. That's a realization I made through my coaching experience with Meg, and it's had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Through apperceptive listening, powerful questioning and her strong intuitive sense - Meg helped me uncover and overcome deeply rooted self-limiting beliefs. I can say, without hesitation, that I'm a better version of myself after having worked with Meg. "

Julie B.

Say No More, I'm Ready!

I Want To Go To There!

How Does This Work?

Where We Goin'?

First, let's chat. I've got 50 minutes over phone or video chat where we go through your biggest challenges, make a plan, and do the work. For free. No strings attached.

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Once we decide we're a good fit, we book our first session. I'll send you any relevant worksheets, book recommendations or resources to get you started immediately. It's a simple as that!

Hold On Tight, Baby!

I've got the tools and the knowledge, all YOU have to do is show up. Get stoked for some MAJOR forward momentum, friend! 

"I always felt safe, fully understood and supported by Meg. Her intuitive listening and her ability to ask pertinent questions have greatly helped me gain clarity, shift some of my old behaviors and vision and become a more serene person which was part of my personal development goal at the time."

Selima W.

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